"I explore transformative experiences..."




Patricia is an Ottawa based multidisciplinary artist with a primary focus on painting.  She studied visual arts at Ottawa School of Art (OSA), Algonquin College and York University at different points in her journey. In 2011 a cancer diagnosis followed by treatment and healing precipitated a period of reflection and the decision to dedicate full-time focus on her life-long passion for art. She left a career in the education sector in 2014 and began studies at OSA where she explored painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and digital media. In 2017 she graduated with a Fine Arts Diploma, receiving several awards. A destructive house fire resulted in considerable personal loss. In the aftermath, this life changing event proved to be fertile ground for conceptual development and creative expression. Inspired by the universality of transformative experiences and resilience of the human spirit, she draws on her experiences as raw material for her work. 




I explore transformative experiences universal to the human condition - interwoven in our lives as life-altering events. I am driven by self reflection and influenced by my own experiences to express in vibrant, surrealistic and abstract works themes of vulnerability, resilience and rebirth. Resilience is expressed as something pliable, withstanding forces of nature and time. Forms dissolving and re-forming simultaneously survive as weathered translucent surfaces. Imagery within the work is compelling, mysterious and often mystical. Imagined spaces are evoked through relationships of colour, form, gesture and enigmatic references to the familiar. With an interest in process and material, paintings are produced intuitively through abstract mark making and incidental action. Dynamic energy and movement are created using a varied repertoire of means including the scratching, pouring and layering of materials. Direct and action-filled physicality in the process taps into the unconscious, resulting in primordial, passionate and universal paintings. Contrasts in colour and value and the relationships between forms contribute to the energy, movement and drama in the work. The paintings are narrative, authentic expressions about the energies of transformation as they relate to my experience of being human.